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Marrowstone Island Brief 8

Wild Clovers, where do you grow? We grow on Marrowstone, seven in a row. Wild Clovers, Wild Clovers, what do you know? There's an important meeting on February 4! 4-H leaders Betty Grace, Linda Gately, Sue Rowe and Laura Johnson are anxious to gather their group, the Wild Clovers, to a regular monthly meeting on the 4th of February at Betty Grace's house on E. Beach Rd. at 6PM. The Wild Clovers of Marrowstone are Josh Johnson, Simon Rowe, Rachel Koschnick, Heather Gately, Monty Grace, Michael Grace, and Marisa Grace.

MYSTERY BAY YACHT CLUB is a loose organization sprung from the camaraderie evolved while building the canoes for last year's July Fourth races. Jerry Rowe ordered a book from a sporting magazine which gave directions for building a canoe which teens could easily build in six hours with the supervision of someone experienced in woodworking. Jerry, a builder, helped his son Simon build one for his 4-H project. Jerry's daughter, Randi, helped with the painting. Jerry's friends Greg York and Pat McNerthney of Griffiths Point Road were also building the canoes, later joined by Tom Rose. The July Fourth launching of the six canoes was also the coalescing of the Mystery Bay Yacht Club. Members are, Jerry Rowe, Greg York, Pat McNerthney, Tom Rose, Simon Rowe, Randi Rowe and Breanna York (who helped paint the canoes). There is interest from others on the island to join the club. The initiation is to build a canoe. For further information call Jerry Rowe at 385-2073, (who was appointed president while I was interviewing Tom Rose), or Tom Rose 379-5471, (ex officio when Jerry is unavailable.)

CANINE OLYMPICS. Tess, a year and a half old Border Terrier belonging to Dick and Kay Savold recently placed first and second in the Portland trials for the AKC Novice Agility title twelve inch division. This, added to a previous title, earned Tess three "legs" to qualify her for the Open category. If Tess aces the Open she will go for the Excellent category and ...well, folks, we have a canine olympian candidate on the Kisland. Close to Tess's heels is Corey, a Wheaten Terrier, who is showing superb ability in his agility trials. Dick and Kay have both Corey and Tess, two well loved canines who respond to anything their mom and dad are willing to do with them. For more information on agility trials write to Dick and Kay:

Y2K is an acronym that is as haunting to some of us as it was to Chicken Little when he thought the sky was falling. To some who have heard half truths with extrapolations of computor meltdown effecting power companies to airborne planes, the scenario is that of Armageddon. So I have taken a survey of a few people around the island. While in the Nordland General Store I asked the question of Tom Rose and Lil Lovato. Tom gave a desperate look and said, "I'd get a gun!" Then he grinned to show he was only joking, and added, "because I've got the food!"

Lil Lovato doesn't anticipate anything dire but had heard there may be a shortage of champagne. Since many more people are planning on a new year's bash to welcome in the next century buying a supply of -champagne early in the year was advised.

People who fear the possibility of power outages when computor controlled systems fail, have begun buying generators for back up. Thus generators were rumored to be in short supply. It brings to mind when in the early 70's, a similar panic accounted for a shortage of canning lids. There wasn't a logical reason for the panic but rumor sent folks hoarding. The lid companies were puzzled over the shortage but were glad for the windfall. However, Patty Fiedler has good grounds for looking ahead and buying a generator. Should there be a prolonged blackout she is assured her respirator will continue working at night to alleviate her apnea.

Some people are buying up essential items to the extent they are running out of storage space in their homes. Others are fatalists doing nothing and hoping to ride out the crisis should there be one. Others feel the Y2K bug is a hoax perpetrated by the THEY's to start a panic. To quell the wondering hoards the Y2K question was posed to Pat Britt, a woman well heeled in computor experience and knowledge. Despite Pat's new year wish of..."hope there will be a few days in 1999 in which no one mentions the Y2K bug", she has kindly shared the following opinion: "Although there will doubtless be some problems, there is a tremendous amount of hype about the Y2K bug. Like any sky-is-falling story, it makes good copy. Some computer programmers are making a good living helping people sort out old systems that would have problems. Certifying current systems is also a big business: but this consists mainly of making sure that relatively minor problems do not occur.

"There are a vast number of computer applications for which the Jdate is irrelevant. The fact that some piece of equipment keeps track of the date doesn't matter if the date isn't used for anything. For example, many people with older systems that may not handle four digit years properly are just using them for word processing or spread sheets. In fact, if the battery in the computer goes bad, it doesn't stop working, it just stops reporting the correct date. Anyone who wants to know what will happen to a personal computer need only set the date forward to 2000 and try it. "So far as the country's infrastructure is concerned, the electric utilities are well along in testing, the stock market systems have been tested, and social security seems to be OK. The IRS system has been a mess for years, but who cares. I would worry a little about the FAA. Their system is also antiquated. I wouldn't plan to fly anywhere for the first few days of 2000. And then there are the banks: many are well along in testing, but it might be a good idea to have a reasonable supply of cash on January 1, 2000. On the other hand, the nation's burglers may be counting on this. Major companies are extremely concerned about possible legal problems resulting from using a system that is not "Y2K compliant", and have a strong incentive to do careful testing. Fixing a problem is not hard, except in the case of software that is many years old and not well documented.

"As for advance planning, normal winter storm preparedness is Iprobably sufficient: food, water, wood, flashlights, candles, whatever. Some people always hoard if they think there may be some kind of disaster, but that doesn't make it either sensible or civic minded. On the other hand, some degree of self-sufficiency is a good rule for us all.

"My prediction for January 1, 2000? Either it will be a tremendous anti-climax, or people will be so focused on the relatively minor problems that do occur that it will seem like something happened. I don't expect any disasters.

Nate Rowe, 17 year old son of Jerry and Sue Rowe, attends Olympic College in Bremerton studying computer science. He doesn't have a strong opinion about the Y2K bug because he says, "...I don't think too much will happen, if anything at all." He feels that if chaos occurs it'll come from people believing it will happen and their reactions will precipitate it. Others with opinions prefer to remain anonymous but one who doesn't mind being quoted says, "I'll just wait till the panic settles, then I might pick up a generator cheap!"

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