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Marrowstone Island Brief 5

Christmas comes but once a year and now it's fast upon our heels. For those at a loss for gift ideas look no farther than the shoreline of Marrowstone. There are unusual, practical, and the consummate gifts only a phone call away, or less than six miles distant from your door.

Denise Justus of Robbins Road operates a travel agency from her home. She is affiliated with Edmonds Travel and has experience with the Princess Cruise Line. Her fluency in Spanish helps in preparing a latin vacation. This holiday season follow the sun, and for all other travel needs call her at 385-7364, or

For a sharp, smart gift, think of Denny's Saw Sharpening service. For a gardener friend or relative who possesses every tool in the book, buy a Christmas gift certificate from Denny's and have the tools sharpened anytime during the year. He caters to home craftsmen, gardeners and contractors, and will "sharpen anything but your wits." He has a drop box on the deck by his shop in Nolton's Addition at 172 Nolton Road, or call 385-5536.

Darlene Good of E. Marrowstone Road has the Victorian Quilting. She will finish your handwork on her commercial quilting machine with batting and backing by Christmas. Or, if you wish to present your quilt to someone for a birthday, or any other special occasion, Darlene can be reached at 385-5933.

Why not pamper the cook on your Christmas list with quality kitchen tools? The Pampered Chef product line and Pampered Pantry Specialty Foods feature exclusive products designed to meet the needs of the chef. Order by December 8th for guaranteed delivery by Christmas. To request a free catalog, or to place an order call Valerie Reardon of Meade Road; 385- 2820. She is an Independent Sales Director for the Pampered Chef.

Mike Hann, the "Stone Man", does sand cut art and etching on stone, be it river rock, polished marble, or granite. He does pet memorials, garden stones, candle holders, door stops, backsplash and fireplace borders, signs, and carvings on boulders for landscape accents. Other services include sandblasting glass, and computer cut vinyl graphics and ,lettering. Mike can be reached at 379-1958.

Thinking of wallpapering a large area? Consider a mural instead, or as the French call it, trompe l'oeil. Branan Ward of Griffiths Point Road can change your stupid walls into interesting facades. Call him and he will respond with alacrity: 385-4748.

Mary Tenn Brick of E. Beach Road is a massage therapist. She does deep tissue, and therapeutic massages in the comfort of your home. A relaxing massage would be a gift from heaven. Mary offers gift certificates and she can be reached at 379-0593.

Jo Beachy's jewelry creations can be seen at the Open Studio in Port Townsend. For shoppers on Marrowstone she has silver earrings, bracelets and other lovely accessories available just a phone call away at 379J-5309. Opening a gift with one of her beautiful design pieces would be a delight on Christmas day.

A treasure to own is Gwen Moore's book, DESTINATION GALAPAGOS. It is about her trip to the Galapagos Islands with Pat Britt and three other friends. Read about their adventures beginning in a single engine Cherokee E6 and finding themselves in places where they were not permitted. It relates the interaction of five people who organized their own tour to visit the unique islands first by acquiring permits to land on air strips in various countries between L.A. and Quito, Ecuador. The funny moments, fears, and personalities of each member of the group are related in Gwen's own style.

Also, Gwen and Pat's triannual publication of The Pangolin Papers, is another book for good reading on a wintery Northwest day. It has a selection of literary short stories by authors from around the world. Both the PANGOLIN PAPERS, and DESTINATION GALAPAGOS are available at Turtle Bluff ll. Call them at 385-3626.

Marrowstone's history written by Karen Russell and Jeanne Bean called MARROWSTONE is another book to put on your gift list. The Nordland General Store has them for sale and there are less than a case left of the books. Better get them while they are available. The PANGOLIN PAPERS is also sold at the Nordland General Store.

For that traditional Christmas oyster stew call Carolyn and Bernie Mueller for fresh oysters. They also sell clams and mussels. Call ahead for orders at the Scow Bay Oyster and Clam Farm, 385-4312.A The Beach Comber Hair Styling is Katie Johnson's beauty shop on LipLip Lane at the end of Moen Road. Buy a gift certificate for a stocking stuffer, and it'll be a gift guaranteed to please the recipient. For appointments call 385-7004.

Duane Hagerty of E. Marrowstone has won awards for his furniture designs. He was also selected to adjudicate in the Northwest Craft Fair in Bellevue. Although Duane favors working with pine wood, he will design Hand custom build anything for your home with the wood of your choice. Call him at 385-7294.

For your holiday eggnog, buy farm fresh eggs from Brianne Hagerty. She is Duane's 10 year old daughter and can be reached at the same number. Think big this season and consider surprising your spouse with removing that pesky tree that's been crying its leaves on your car all these years, or have those spine jarring pot holes grated flat with one call to Jake Johnson, man with the muscle machines. Jake and his cat driver John Hoffstater can waltz those graters and back hoes and get a job done to perfection. Call them at Johnson Trucking and Excavating 379-9709.

Tom and Sue Rose have contacted Santa for a visit to the Nordland General Store on December 5th Saturday at 12 noon. The TOWNSEND, a 26 foot traditional wooden long boat (courtesy of the Wooden Boat Foundation) will be the means of delivering Santa with his elves at the oars. A photographer will be on hand to take pictures of loved ones with Santa ($5.00) while wishes are being made. Everyone is invited to be on hand at the pier to welcome Santa.

There will also be a host of chorus "angels" singing Christmas carols, and the Nordland General Store's warehouse will once again be opened to local craftsmen and artists to accommodate Christmas shoppers. Everyone is invited to come and join Tom, Sue, John, Carrie and Joanne in celebrating Christmas, 1998 at Marrowstone's happy meeting place, the Nordland General Store. Merry Christmas!
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