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Marrowstone Island Brief 4

In Marrowstone's microcosm there are seven retired librarians who all enjoy the peculiar quality of island living. A brief background reveals a nonstereotypical librarian, and answers to the question, "If you have only one book to recommend which would it be?"

Marian Richey of E. Marrowstone Road, graduated from the University of Washington with an English degree, married a gentleman named Ed Richey in 1937, and shared life together until retirement brought them to Marrowstone in 1966. During Captain Richey's career in the Coast Guard, Marian worked part time in the public libraries of Alameda, California, and Falls Church, Virginia. Most of the time was spent in raising their three daughters. Marian's recommendation for a good book on a rainy Northwest day is Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth".

Kay and Bill Goodhue moved from Kailua, Oahu/Hawaii to Marrowstone in July, 1981. Ten years was spent building their timber frame house, interspersed with trips, volunteering, and helping to better the island community which resulted in being selected Marrowstone's Citizens of the Year in 1987. Kay graduated from the University of Hawaii with a library degree, and worked in Kailua for 16 years at a branch of the Library of Hawaii. She recommends "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. "It was the most influential book which opened my eyes to the undercurrent of my idyllic life. I was raised in a strict religious home, and ATLAS SHRUGGED got me thinking of other people's idea of their community."

Marty Van Etten grew up in upper New York State. She attended Wheaton College where she received a BA in English Literature. In 1947, she received a Masters degree in Library Science from Syracuse University Library School. A library career tracked her through Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, Michigan, and California; she was in charge of running the city and county libraries where she lived in the latter three states. During the 70's a push was begun helping mothers get into the mainstream of the labor force. Marty held workshops in California helping women with Ccollege degrees re-enter the professional field since many stopped midstream to marry and raise children. In 1953, while working in Munising, Michigan, she met and married biologist Bob Van Etten. Their three children were born there. Bob and Marty retired in '82 to Marrowstone Island. She recommends a series of books by Ray Stanard Baker, pen name, David Grayson. His books are philosophical essays about people, nature, and life.

Rose Ellen and Joel Leonard had been visiting the island since 1970 and residing at Smitty's for 10 years before buying property on Griffiths Point Road. They retired in June, 1995, moved to Marrowstone and are in the process of building a house. Rose Ellen was a law librarian. She worked as director for the Butte County, California law library until her retirement. As a law librarian she needed to get information ASAP for the judges, court staff, lawyers, the public, and other county departments who made requests for legal information, often while trials were in process. The knack of knowing where to find the answers had to be at hand. Joel was the Business and Law librarian at California State University, Chico, for 26 years. He also taught library research and writing in geography and business departments. His choice for recommended reading is "Atlas Shrugged" because "It's the greatest philosophical novel I've ever read. Ayn Rand is one of the great novelists of the 20th century. Her book is still a best seller." Rose Ellen's choice is "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan. "Now that I'm retired, it's a book I can spend time on reading and perhaps get the answers to all the questions I've accumulated about the world, and life in general."

Gary MacMillan spent 15 years as Associate Director of the library at the University of Hawaii where he and his staff successfully automated the two University libraries in Honolulu and Hilo as well as all the community colleges in the state. He also specialized in creating historical Hawaiian databases for both the Hawaiian Collection and Bishop Museum. He retired in 1994, moved to E. Marrowstone Road in May of 1996. In 1965, he was one of 200 young librarians to be chosen to work in the New York World Fair's "Library of Tomorrow". During the two months' stint he performed a speil introducing people to a library that ran on computors. Although the concept of extracting information from a computor was ahead of the time, the actual devise was primitive in comparison to that available today. After the World's Fair Gary was hired by Cornell University to organize the library at the University of Liberia in Africa. Unfortunately, the library and the University as well as most of the city of Monrovia were destroyed in a recent civil war. Gary subscribes to 40 magazines and is only now perusing the spring issues. "I listen to music written in the 30ies and 40ies, keep in touch with friends via e-mail, work in the garden, and like to cook. I don't have time to read books other than an occasional mystery." "Cooks Bible" by Christopher Kimball is Gary's recommended reading.

Carolyn Mueller of Flagler Road was librarian at the K-12 Library in Chimacum from 1968 to 1995. She had the unique experience of working for her Bachelor of Arts degree while substitute teaching at Chimacum. She attained her Master of Arts degree in 1975 concurrently acquiring a certification in library science. Carolyn's preference was to teach and since Chimacum needed a librarian, she worked in a position of teacher/librarian providing her with the opportunity to work with the young people of the community, an opportunity she misses in retirement. While in the position of librarian, Carolyn took inventory of both the print and non-print materials in the library, creating card catalogs for both and preparing the tapes, records and other instructional materials for transer to a MAC computer system with computerized CLAN catalog, a system which is shared by several area school libraries and the city and county library systems. Since Carolyn's preference is for children and young adult books, her favoites are those which deal with folklore and YA authors such as Susan Cooper, Cynthia Voight, Katherine Patterson. The one picture book which she recommends is RUN AWAY BUNNY by Margaret Wise Brown. For adult reading Carolyn recommends FOUNTAINHEAD by Ayn Rand "..because it makes the reader evaluate who they are, and questions why they believe what they believe." Libraries have evolved from the quiet, book lined sanctuaries to sedate gathering places with machines capable of connecting people to information from various sources. For the mobile people who spend hours driving, reading can be done verbally through books on tape. The libraries are stocking them. To quote Chuck Russell about books, "I don't read anything I can't hear." What a brave, new world!

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