Marrowstone Island

has a wealth of interesting areas to explore and a variety of parks for recreation and boating.

Local Attractions

It is frequently asked "What is there to do on Marrowstone Island?"

Although the island is wholly residential, there are many private home enterprises.

The Honey Moon Cabin is a perfect get-away for a couple seeking retreat after the harried months preceding the excitement filled wedding day. In the middle of six acres, one cabin, surrounded by towering firs and cedars, offers sanctuary to honeymooners or provides the perfect setting for an intimate wedding ceremony. It is private.

Turtle Bluff II on Flagler Road hold Coffee Concerts every Monday and Tuesday morning at 9:30am. Gwen Moore is a concert pianist who features music by the great classical composers, and eases the audience into an appreciation of their compositions with a brief synopsis of their styles. There is a nominal fee per person for the hour concert, and all proceeds go towards scholarships for young muscians.

Turtle Bluff II also publishes the Pangolian Papers, a quarterly of short stories and poems by authors from around the world.

Fort Flagler State Park at the north end of Marrowstone Island has camping sites with a spectacular 180 degree panorama of Kilisut Harbor with the background of the Olympic Mountains, the water view of Port Townsend, then onward across the Straits, and of Whidbey Island. At night the twinkling lights of Port Townsend is reflected on Townsend Bay, and ships' traffic glides by from the Pacific heading down sound to Seattle, Tacoma or Bremerton.

Flagler State Park has hiking trails, and miles of beach to stroll. Fishing from the beach has best results at Marrowstone Point which is not part of park property, but has public access.

Carl Johnson's Clam and Oyster Company is located north of the Nordland General Store, on the beach. Carl will sell clams and oysters retail to walk-ins.

Snow Bay Clams and Oysters sell retail from their beach. A call for orders is recommended.

Little Island Gallery on East Marrowstone Road has a variety of art crafts for sale. Marge Illman, proprietress, is a talented artist whose creations are in many different mediums. (See Marrowstone Briefs 10)

Branan Ward is the local artist who specializes in pet and people portraits, as well as tall ships of the early 20th century. He has expanded his talent to doing murals which are evident in the Honey Moon Cabin on Marrowstone Island. His modest studio is on Griffiths Point Road, and he welcomes visitors. (See Marrowstone Briefs 10)


The Ajax Cafe in lower Port Hadlock is a fun place to eat. They have wonderful food, live entertainment and an entertaining place. Guests can select a hat to wear while they are dining. A large collection of hats hang on the walls of both the men's and women's restrooms.

Ferino's Pizzeria in Port Hadlock has the best pizza where the locals frequent. They also have fresh salads.

The Joy Luck Take Out is a popular place for Chinese Food. It is located two doors away from the liquor store.

The Valley Tavern, a local pub, has World Famous Jalapeno Burgers, chicken sandwiches and other good tavern food. Every Tuesday evening is Steak Night and Fish Fry on Fridays.


The Nordland Township was plotted in 1889, and soon after the area was settled by families newly immigrated from Norway. The attraction to the area was the similarity of the land to the Norwegian fjords, the abundance of fish, and the cannery which once existed two miles north of Nordland. Most of the descendants of the families still live on the island.

The Nordland General Store is owned today by Tom and Sue Rose who also live in the house (built in 1919) behind the store.

Aside from people, the island is populated by wild animals as well as domesticated ones. There is an abundance of deer which frequently make their appearance near the Honey Moon Cabin. One critter which can often be heard but not easily seen is the flying squirrel which scolds with a chittering call to anyone who comes near.


The Honey Moon Cabin on Marrowstone Island is less than 20 miles from Port Townsend where a schedule of events for the year is available at Make your reservations ahead at the Honey Moon Cabin for the Rhododendron Festival in May, Olympic Music Festival which runs from June through September, The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes and Jazz Festivals at Centrum's Fort Worden facility in July, the Kinetic Races in October, and many more events throughout the year.

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